Claire Schirck

Bühnenbild, Kostüme

Born in Thann in Alsace in 1981. She trained at the School of Decorative Arts and then at the School of the National Theatre of Strasbourg.

She assisted the set designer Annette Kurz at the Schaubühne in Berlin and Thalia Theater in Hamburg in 2006 and the costume designer Colette Huchard in 2010.

She has worked with directors Eve Ledig, Bernard Bloch, Pauline Ringeade, Jean-Paul Wenzel, Elisabeth Marie, Christophe Maltot, Catherine Umbdenstock, Babette Masson, Christine Pierre, la Cie Equinote, Mali Arun, Anne Brouillet, Tawan Arun, Nicolas Klotz, Elisabeth Perceval, and Lydia Ziemke. She met Lydia Ziemke in 2006 at the Schaubühne in Berlin and joined the company suite42 in 2009 for the first creation Land without Words.

She then regularly works as a set and costume designer with the company, designing costumes and scenography for the creations: Land without Words, Hadda, Hussein – Ein mehrstimmiger Heldenmonolog, And Then We Took Berlin, War Zone, Fieberfluten, La peur doit changer le camp, Yousef war hier in Berlin, About Francois in Jerusalem, and for Das nackte gute Leben at Schauspielhaus Hamburg, and an installation for the Audio-Project Flucht nach Thüringen – gestern und heute for Kunstfest Weimar, and soon for The Sun Sets Eight Times A Day.

Some of Works