Juni 2016 - Oktober 2017

Act Don’t React!

Open series of workshops with artists of different origins
for people with and without refugee history –
in cooperation with Schaubühne Berlin

© Piero Chiussi

(Information in Dari, Arabic, French and German see below)

We are on the road together!
On each first Saturday of the month we offer a safe room – inside all participants can stop for a moment and enjoy theatre together: with Music and Movement, with Writing and conversation, with Improvisation and Games, with our favourite films and our own stories.

Everything happens with and without language and in all languages.
Come by and bring your friends and family!
Please sign up by email or phone!

Each first Saturday – 02.07., 06.08., 03.09., 01.10., 05.11, 03.12. 2016 and so on in 2017.

11:00 h  Meeting/Lunch
12:00–16:00 h  Workshop

Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz
Rehearsal Room 3 (Proberaum 3)
Kurfürstendamm 153, 10709 Berlin

For all at the age of 16–100 years.

Food, Drink and BVG-Tickets will be supplied. All languages welcome.

Sign up:

or call +49 - (0)176 - 27 38 27 52.

Every two months there will be a Workshop in a refugee home.
Please make suggestions, where we should do this!

Information in Dari, Arabic, French and German here:
 أفعل ولا تنفعل.pdf (251 kB)
 Act_Dont_React_Dari.pdf (326 kB)
 Act_Dont_React_FR.pdf (42 kB)
 Act_Dont_React_DE.pdf (43 kB)

suite42 – UK / France / Germany
Gastspielreise Marokko, 10.–20. März 2014: Aufführung von »Hassan Leklichée« in Sefrou