suite42 at Zoukak Sidewalks, Beirut:
Open Studio II: “Hussein”

February 15, 2014

“Hussein” – A Text Written by Omar Abi Azar

A collaboration of Omar Abi Azar, Lydia Ziemke, Lucy Ellinson, Junaid Sarieddeen, Claire Schirck and Khyam Allami

The 2014 edition of Sidewalks is picking up from where it left off in 2013. German theater maker Lydia Ziemke (suite 42) will be in residence at Zoukak Studio with 2 of her collaborators (Lucy Ellinson and Claire Schirck) on the second phase of the collaborative work “Hussein”.

Hussein, the tragedy of the should-be modern hero. Maria, the comedy of the would-be postmodern liberated enlightened individualistic woman. The politicization of death confronted with the liberalization and economization of life.

Hussein is born conscious of his obligation to pass into the next world without much regard for this one - there lie his rewards and happiness, not here. In contrast to Hussein, Maria is programmed for happiness in this world. She is obliged to fulfill, succeed, use all her freedom and choice and talents. In contrast to the tangible political and religious violence in his context, she is exposed to the violence of commercial dependency and individualization leading to ever more faithful followers of logo and product. Together they consider their options.

The text of "Hussein" was published by Amers Editions, Beirut in 2012

Lucy Ellinson & Junaid Sarieddeen, Zoukak Studio, Feb 14
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 Zoukak Sidewalks Program 2014 (PDF, 166 kB)

 Press Review L’Hebdo Magazine, Lebanon (français) (PDF, 160 kB)

 Press Review Al Akhbar, Lebanon (arabian) (PDF, 150 kB)

About Zoukak Sidewalks

Zoukak Theater Company became in contact with theater director, dramaturge and curator Lydia Ziemke in 2009 when she and a member of Zoukak, Maya Zbib, were both taking part in the Cultural Leadership International Program, launched by the British Council that year. Ever since that encounter Lydia became an important collaborator and supporter of Zoukak. We had the pleasure of inviting Lydia for a short residency in our studio in Beirut in 2010, where she gave a dramaturgy workshop that marked several participants very deeply. The conversations continued, with Lydia visiting Zoukak’s performances in Beirut, Jordan and London and provoking discussions about the role of theater as a political platform and the real meaning of cross cultural collaboration in today’s world. In 2012 Zoukak was invited to perform “Silk Thread” in the Voicing Resistance Festival that Lydia took part in curating at the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin. This year Zoukak is organizing a pilot program of an international platform entitled Zoukak Sidewalks, and are delighted that Lydia is part of this program.

“Zoukak Sidewalks” is a point of encounter providing a shared space between international artists, local practitioners, students and interested audiences. Through a program of artist talks, workshops and performances, spread across the year, Zoukak Sidewalks aims to spur debate around performance practices and create the opportunity to get a closer look on processes of creation and thought of various accomplished artists and companies, and possibly produce the momentum for new and unexpected collaborations. Each month a contemporary practitioner or company will be invited for a residency in Zoukak’s studio to share their practice by showing works in progress, performing pieces of finished work (solo or group performances, play-readings), opening up practical work processes through workshops and confronting audiences with their discourse through talks and informal encounters. This year, text based theatre companies, writers for theatre, multi-media theatre makers, performance artists, physical theatre makers, choreographers, and stage directors from France, Australia, USA, Greece, Spain, and the UK will be sharing their work in Zoukak studio.

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