Deutsche Erstaufführungen aus Syrien, Palästina und Marokko – mitten in Neukölln!
Eine Koproduktion zwischen suite42 und Heimathafen Neukölln.

Gastspielreise Marokko

mit »Hassan Leklichée« und »Hadda« von Jaouad Essounani,
als Gäste vom Autor und dabatatr Rabat, 10.–20. März 2014
im Rahmen von Lila Risiko Schachmatt

Hassan und Hadda begegnen in diesen Texten Schicksalen exemplarisch für viele marokkanische Jugendliche in einem Land mit immer noch 40% Analphabetentum, willkürlicher Königs- und Islamherrschaft mit, bis vor kurzem, systematischer Unterdrückung der Berberkultur. Darauf hat das Publikum überall in Marokko sehr stark reagiert, außerdem sehr interessiert auf die deutschen Theatermittel. Unsere Neugier an ihren Theatermitteln war genauso groß - das haben wir in verschiedenen Workshops vertieft, und an marokkanischem wie deutschem Textmaterial gearbeitet. Die Hintergründe der beiden Figuren, die Kontexte die in den Texten beschrieben sind, haben sich uns bei diesem Besuch in vielen Begegenungen erschlossen. Die nun zwei Jahre währende Zusammenarbeit wid in Kürze mit einem Besuch der Marokkaner in Berlin vertieft.


Tour to Marocco in March 2014 with “Hassan Leklichee” and “Hadda” by Jaouad Essounani, as guests of the author and his company dabateatr Rabat.

Hassan and Hadda meet with fates exemplary for many Moroccan youths in a country with still 40% analphabetism, arbitrary dominance of the king and the Imams including, until recently, the systematic oppression of the Berber culture. The audience in each place reacted very strongly to this, and with great curiosity to the German theatre methods. We were equally curious about theirs, in several workshops we explored that, and worked on Moroccan and German text material. The backgrounds and contexts of the plays were disclosed to us during many encounters in Morocco. This two year relationship will be further developed and celebrated during a visit of the Moroccan company soon in Berlin.

more about “Hassan Leklichée” and “Hadda”

Hassan Leklichée
by Jaouad Essounani + Ensemble

Produced by suite42 in cooperation with Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin

As a catastrophic version of Forrest Gump, Hassan stumbles through a turbulent series of collective risks for young Maroccans. He is not at the centre of the glorious hours of his generation but is exposed to all potential dangers for a young boy under the dictatorship of King Hassan II – especially one that is drawn to Europe. Home and family never let go of him as he seeks a new future through virtual channels and choppy waters. From child to religious abuse and all the way to Guantanamo - the clichés collide with full force and Hassan is slowly dissolved between them. Football, Music and the overpowering meaning of ones mother feature in this playful drama composed by Jaouad Essounani and the ensemble of suite42.

»In masterfully laconic expression author Jaouad Essounani narrates Hassans story in the context of the last 50 years of maroccan history … in the complex and highly poetic production of Lydia Ziemke. A strong production for which you need a strong stomach.«
(Anouk Meyer, Neues Deutschland, 1.3.2012)

Translators: Andreas Bünger, Jaouad Ouassou/ Director: Lydia Ziemke/ Production Manager: Aliki Schäfer/ Artistic collaboration: Wiebke Hagemeier/ Stage+costume design: Martina von Holn, Tucké Royale/ Design assistants: Hoda El-Sharkawy, Anna Gentilini/ Cast: (Jillian Anthony), Salome Dastmachi, Javeh Asefdjah, Nadim Jarrar, Alois Reinhardt/ Lighting Design: Christian Gierden + Malwine Kurella/ Photography: Piero Chiussi

Hadda – Confessions – A Life of Crossing Borders
by Jaouad Essounani + Ensemble

Produced by suite42 in cooperation with Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin

One woman, one country, many voices: Hadda embodies the schizophrenia of Moroccan Identity. Renewed masculine forces constantly between her legs she disentangles the rituals and colonially-twisted Quran-verses of her Berber-childhood. She loves Marxists and Imams, she reads their books, she survives the arbitrary torture of their systems. She hears all vows and interpretations - of history, religion and the ideal state - and decides to find out for herself the divine ideas behind all of it. She acts naïve-poetically as the searching human within this galaxy of manipulation, corruption and violent exclusion.

»In relentlessly overt language the piece sparkles with humor and energy. The three players convince although it’s tough to share the part of Hadda....The piece takes a grip on the audience even without rationally grasping each detail – it is much more of a sensual experience. The music surrounds the audience….in interplay with the players the musician underpins the piece with powerful Live-Music. Whoever opens up to it will be deeply moved by this evening.«
(Mai-Britt Wulf, zenith, 22.3.2013)

Translators: Andreas Bünger, Jaouad Ouassou/ Director: Lydia Ziemke with the cast: Javeh Asefdjah, Houwaida Goulli, Alois Reinhardt/ Stage+Costume design: Claire Schirck/ Music+Sound: Houwaid Goulli + Jan Proest/ Production Manager: Aliki Schäfer/ Assistant Director: Matin Soofipour Oman/ Design Assistant + Graphic Design: Hoda El-Sharkawy/ Lighting Design: Malwine Kurella/ Photography: Piero Chiussi

Gastspielreise Marokko: Ankunft im Riad
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