Fold Your World – Faltet Eure Welt

Premiere: 23.11.2017, Grips Theater Berlin

A Cooperation with Ossama Helmy and the Arab Origami Center Alexandria, Egypt.


Growing up, exploring one’s limits and freedom, making decisions in life needs to be a conscious, strong process. The workshop series and performance »Fold Your World« uses the means of theatre and Origami in order to generate stories of different target groups in Germany and Egypt to inspire youth audiences to be the agent of their fate.

Folding a piece of paper in Origami will be the metaphor for taking decisions. Once it is taken, the fold will always be visible, it is the lived experience. We question people’s connections to social/political developments in their countries. We discuss the perspectives on the other country.

We will create a mobile theatre piece, accompanied by workshops and debates.

The cooperation is part of the program Tandem Shaml.

suite42 – UK / France / Germany
»Hussein«, Beirut, Februar 2014