Premiere: 23.11.2017, Grips Theater Berlin

A Cooperation with Ossama Helmy and the Arab Origami Center Alexandria, Egypt and with GRIPS Theater Berlin
14+ www.grips-theater.de

Pieces of paper, a passport for example, make big differences between people - without them they can not live their freedom. A girl breaks through the tradition of clothing and frees herself. Can she become who she wants? A boy wants to be himself after coming to a new country, and not to have to behave better than the locals. Two siblings sacrifice all for the revolution of their country and forget themselves in the process. You have to pull the plug on the old politics and take the matter into your own hands. These and other stories are told in paper images: Origami is the Japanese folding art that can create this: each fold is like a decision that always stays whether it was good or not.

The origami artist Ossama Helmy and director Lydia Ziemke have developed stories together with young people from Germany and Egypt, which they transposed together with two actors from the GRIPS ensemble onto the stage. Using origami art they speak about different challenges and wishes of the people of both countries. Young people from Germany, Egypt and those who have arrived recently ask themselves: Who do I want to be and what happens around me? How do I maintain my space in society and where do I lend a hand? How far does my freedom reach and how far yours?

Concept and Text: Lydia Ziemke and ‚OzOz’ Ossama Helmy / Directed by: Lydia Ziemke / Stage and Costume: Afra Nobahar / Music: Öz Kaveller / Dramaturgy: Tobias Diekmann / Theatrepedagogy: David Vogel / Directing Assistent: Anna Machmer / Acting: Esther Agricola, Jens Mondalski, Ossama Helmy / Light and Technical Manager: Jerry Geiger / Sound: Patrizio Borghi

The cooperation was developed within the program Tandem Shaml.


"And so, the production, staged in German and Arabic (with surtitles), blends into a piece of folding art that can change its form and direction at any moment, and that breaks with purely Western perspectives without any didactics."

"In the current production, the arts of paperfolding and acting harmoniously unite. With humour the piece narrates the diverse experiences that are integrated in the play. It is staged with many fast transformations, which are light and successful. The concept of politics is examined, the idea of power is questioned, and the actors also turn to the audience, telling them about their personal freedom…"

"For Ossama Helmy, the Japanese paper folding art is an appropriate stylistic device, making one's own decisions comparable to the countless ways in which paper is folded - the lines, the folds remain visible, even when the fold is opened again. And so the actors' hands are constantly working with paper, one can concentrate while they ask questions: Can one's own freedom limit that of other people? "Fold your world" is characterized by a sensitive language artistry, the dialogues develop a rhythm, and also the paper is folded rhythmically…"

Workshops in Alexandria and Cairo 2016
Script and Play Development, Rehearsals and Premiere at GRIPS Theater in Berlin 2017
Shows in Berlin, Alexandria and Cairo 2017 / 2018
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suite42 – UK / France / Germany
»War Zone«, Ballhaus Ost, Dezember 2015 / Foto: Piero Chiussi