September 2016

Ferngespräche – مكالمة دولية

Long Distance Call III:
Amer Khalil, Palestinian National Theatre /
El Hakawati, Jerusalem

Part 1

"The Palestinian National Theatre somehow reflects the situation of the whole country. It’s not easy for many reasons and mainly … hope. People are disappointed – we don't find anymore the reason why we do theatre…"
In September 2016 Amer Khalil was in residence at Schloss Bröllin together with 15 colleagues – from all places of palestinian presence – working on a project on "identity".

More about this in part 2 of this LD Call.

Part 2

“I came to the Hakawati when I was 17 old … 1989/90 we gave it away … then i took it over again a couple of years ago … and now, here we are in Germany, working on, what else, our identity!”

suite42 – UK / France / Germany
»War Zone«, Ballhaus Ost, Dezember 2015 / Foto: Piero Chiussi